HCMA Physician Wellness Program


The vision of the LifeBridge HCMA Foundation Physician Wellness Program (PWP) is to align with HCMA’s mission in advocating for physicians and the health of the communities we serve.

Physician wellness has become a priority issue that is being addressed throughout our country.  The unrelenting changes, demanding challenges, and lack of autonomy that physicians can endure cause stress, depression, and burnout.  As physicians struggle to find balance between the intense demands of their work and personal lives, their health and longevity, and that of our medical community, is being threatened. The Life Bridge HCMA Foundation PWP provides a safe harbor for members to address life difficulties, especially during this time of uncertainty and challenges due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

The PWP features, among other benefits, completely confidential, convenient, complimentary access to professional psychological services for all HCMA members. Click on the topics below for a complete overview of the counseling benefits and list of providers.


Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
Dial: 211
24 hours/7 days a week/365 days a year

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Dial: 1-800-273-8255
Online chat: suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

PLEASE NOTE: The HCMA Foundation Physician Wellness Program appointments will be operating fully via HIPAA compliant telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HCMA provides up to six (6) complimentary sessions per year, from date of first visit, for all HCMA members, regardless of membership category, to include medical students from the USF MCOM. New applicants will also be eligible; non-members can join online by clicking here: New Member Application.

HCMA contracts with independent, doctorate-level clinical psychologists, licensed mental health counselors and family therapists who have been evaluated by the HCMA Physician Wellness Committee.

Confidential appointments are self-referred and initiated with no medical diagnosis made, no insurance billed, and no electronic records kept. No member identification or notification will be provided to hospitals, employers, the HCMA, or the Board of Medicine. Your identity is never disclosed to others without your consent. Participating providers bill the HCMA Foundation directly with de-identified data.

Although HCMA has vetted the contracting providers for general suitability, qualifications, and Florida licensure to provide services, we do not guarantee their suitability for any particular issue for which an HCMA member may seek therapy. Referrals can be made, by these providers, to psychiatric care for more complex medical needs.

How to make an appointment:

  1. Select from the list of PWP providers.
  2. Call them directly, using the number provided next to their photo, to schedule an appointment.
  3. Inform them you are a member of the HCMA. Membership will be verified via the HCMA directory or website.
  4. All messages will be returned within 24 hours and appointments made within 2-5 days.
  5. Flexible hours will be provided to include before & after hours and weekends.
  6. If desired, request information on the possibility of using private entrances or screened arrivals if your appointment is made during normal business hours.
Daniel Baughn, PhD

Daniel Baughn, PhD

Dr. Daniel Baughn is a licensed Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in Clinical Psychology conducting psychological evaluations and providing psychological treatment to a diverse population of clients and professionals.

Specialties include: Health Psychology with areas of expertise in weight loss, chronic pain, sleep problems, and other chronic health conditions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Depression, Stress Reduction, Anxiety, and Substance Misuse.

6418 Central Ave, Tampa, 33604
Appointments scheduled within 2-3 days.

Martin Cohen, PhD

Dr. Martin Cohen is a licensed Psychologist with over 40 years of experience counseling multiple clients in the medical profession. Dr. Cohen also offers Executive Coaching for physicians and their practices.

Areas of expertise include: Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Alcoholism, PTSD, OCD, and Anger Management.

12108 N. 56th Street, Suite F, Tampa, 33617
Appointments scheduled within 3-5 days.

Bill Hogan, LMFT

Bill Hogan, LMFT

Mr. Bill Hogan is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who has offered counseling for individuals and their families for over 30 years.

Specialties include: Marital problems, Parenting, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief, and Abuse issues.

322 W. Bearss Ave., Tampa, 33613
Appointments scheduled within 2-3 days.

Rebecca Schulte, LMHC

Rebecca Schulte, LMHC

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 10 years’ experience, Ms. Rebecca Schulte’s skill set includes severe depression accompanied by suicidal thoughts.

Specialties also include: Trauma, PTSD, addiction, and couples’ therapy.

2124 W. Kennedy Blvd.,Suite C, Tampa 33606
Appointments scheduled within 1-3 days.

Wellness Psychological Services
205 S. Hoover Blvd., #202, Tampa, 33609
Appointments scheduled within 2-3 days.

Stacy Daughn, PhD

A licensed Psychologist and Certified Addiction Professional for 32 years, Dr. Stacy Daughn has extensive experience in Health Psychology, Women’s Health, and Addiction Medicine. Her area of specialization targets the family component of addiction. Resilience training and stress management are also her areas of expertise.

Other specialties include: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Health Psychology & Behavior Change.


Benjamin Lord, PhD

Benjamin Lord, PhD

A licensed Psychologist with five years of experience, Dr. Benjamin Lord specializes in mood disorder with his practice based around the use of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy techniques within an overall interpersonal approach to human problems.

Expertise includes: Depression, Anger Management, Stress Management, Sleep Disorders, Bereavement, Alcohol Abuse, Anxiety, and Life Transitions.


Lea Martinell-Smith, PhD

Lea Martinell-Smith, PhD

A licensed Psychologist with over 13 years of experience, Dr. Lea Martinell-Smith specializes in treating children and adolescents within the family unit through the process of change.

Specialties include: Stress Management, Coping Skills, and Suicide & Emotion Regulation.


Wellness Resources

Medscape Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2020: The Generational Divide

Staying Sane & Current on COVID-19

Burnout Proof Mobile Apps

Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress offers a special toolkit for COVID-19 anxiety, with a free app that offers guided relaxation and meditations, daily motivational messages, and an “ask an expert” section.

Headspace is a stress, meditation, relaxation, and sleep app, free with NPI provider number.

Healio – focus on physician burnout

10 Stress Reduction Ideas That You Can Do Right Now

The UCLA Mindful: Meditations for Well-Being app includes recorded mindfulness meditations of varying lengths and a weekly podcast.

The Society for Health Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association, offers a wide range of recommended wellness tools, including a sleep app and resources to address trauma.

Calm Your Nervous System is a free, streaming, 20-minute guided relaxation audio file. Using headphones or earbuds allows background binaural technology to deepen your relaxation response.

Dr. Edward Ellison: Physician Burnout

Dr. Pamela Wible: Why Doctors Kill Themselves

Brene Brown: Listening to Shame

Dr. Atul Gawande: How We Heal Medicine

Shawn Achor, Psychologist: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Dr. Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes

Dr. Suzie Brown: Concert of melody & medicine

McMaster Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning: “Souls on Fire: Narratives that Inspire”

Drs. Cathy Cheng and Sean Greenhalgh: Finding Joy in Medicine

Dr. Carrie Horwitch: Mindfulness in Medicine

Drs. Meenakshy Aiyer and Sara Rusch: Negotiating Skills

Drs. Cheryl O’Malley and Susan Hingle: Sustainable Leadership

Dr. Gail Gazelle: ACP Leadership Academy – Building Your Resilient Self

How You Can Help

HCMA has joined a growing number of medical societies nationwide who are working together to develop best practices to address physician wellness. The HCMA Foundation PWP is accepting contributions to help operate this very important program for our members in need. Please consider investing in the health of your esteemed colleagues. Your contribution is tax deductible.

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