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HCMA Outstanding Physician Award Winner

September 28, 2023 1:09 PM | Deleted user

During the HCMA Membership Dinner on September 19, 2023, Dr. Joel Silverfield was awarded the HCMA Outstanding Physician Award. Dr. Silverfield is a internal medicine physician and rheumatologist with Baycare Medical Group in Tampa, who also published an article on his award ceremony and accomplishments in his professional career.

Dr. Silverfield obtained his medical degree from Emory University and completed his followship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  He is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, Florida Society of Rheumatology, and the Florida Medical Association. 

He first became involved by serving as the Chairman of HCMA’s Public Service Committee in 1987. 35 years later, he was installed as the 118th President of the HCMA.  

He represents that rare physician leader who managed to establish two separate but parallel paths to serve the House of Medicine - one as a young, eager physician early in his career, then later as a seasoned physician after many years of medical experience.

His outstanding leadership shined before, during, and after his HCMA presidency. He led the Association with enthusiasm and was instrumental in the many decisions made during a time of uncertainty and pandemic challenges. He believes in the importance of not losing one’s focus, in honesty and obligation, and in making rational decisions that are in the best interest of the Association’s members and the physicians in our communities. 

He continues his involvement at the local level, as well as the state level by serving as an HCMA Delegate to the FMA.  He was also elected this year to serve on the HCMA Board of Trustees, another four-year commitment after his tenure ended.  The HCMA was and is very fortunate to have a leader with such diligence and dedication to medicine.  

His professionalism, demeanor, sagacity, and wit speak for themselves. 

Congratulations, Dr. Silverfield!