HCMA Physician Wellness Program Forthcoming

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The HCMA is diligently working on the creation of a fully funded Physician Wellness Program (PWP).

Physician burnout is considered a national crisis and physician wellness has become a priority issue that is being addressed across our country. The unrelenting changes, demanding challenges, and lack of autonomy that physicians endure cause stress, depression, and burnout. As physician’s struggle to find balance between the intense demands of their work and personal lives, the health and longevity of our medical community is being threatened.

The intent of the HCMA PWP is to offer members services and resources to promote work-life balance and physician wellness. This, in turn, will benefit their personal lives, their practices, the safety measures and quality of care their patients receive, and the community at large.

As funds grow, the PWP specifics are expected to include:

  • Completely confidential access to seasoned psychologists and LMHCs where there is no diagnosis made, no insurance billed, and no electronic health records kept.
  • Coaching sessions for physicians & administrative staff and online resources.
  • Educational seminars and small support groups focusing on the multiple causes of burnout.

HCMA members will be kept informed on the progression of the Program. Contact Debbie Zorian, Executive Director, with any questions at 813-253-0471 or dzorian@hcma.net.

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