HCMA AllianceThe Hillsborough County Medical Society Alliance are a group of physicians, spouses, family members, resident physicians, medical students, their parents, family members and Friends of Medicine, whose aim is to promote good health and health education, to engage in charitable community endeavors, and to foster friendly relations among physicians’ families and the communities in which they live.

HCMA Alliance 2016/17 Membership

Physician & Spouse Couples Regular $75.00 (HCMA Alliance)
Physician/Spouse Individual Regular $45.00 (HCMA Alliance)
Physician/Spouse Individual Regular                         $50.00 (FMA Alliance)
Resident/Student      No Charge (HCMA Alliance)
Retired/Widowed $25.00
Adult Physician Family Member $45.00 (HCMA Alliance)
Physician Parent $45.00 (HCMA Alliance)
Adult Resident/Student Family Member No Charge (HCMA Alliance)
Friend of Medicine - *Requires separate nomination form. $45.00 (HCMA Alliance}
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